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Monday, March 19, 2012

Melissa Rose: A budding Diva

Melissa Rose is a single mom of 3 and a Las Vegas native, she is best know as the runner up in The Kandi Factory. But did you know that Melissa Rose is also a actress and has been in some of the 90's most successful television shows including Beverly Hills 90210. she has also done Theater work such as aWilly Wonka & Mark Twain Theatre of Arts Violet ,Grease Bancroft Performing Arts Theatre Sandy, Just to name a few. After watching The Kandi Factory I reached out to Melissa Rose through her site and via her twitter page .

Here is our Exclusive

Melissa Rose on her singing background and Las Vegas

KSY: Tell us about your singing background?

MR: I have a very extensive singing background. I attended Bancroft JR. High TV/Film in L.A.,Hamilton High school Academy of Music in L.A., I sing at my church Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas and I have also performed The National Anthem for UNLV and LA Clippers at The Staple Center in LA, amongst many other things. My Grandma was a Blues singer so I Linkstarted young on Venice Beach boardwalk next to Michael Collier and various artist. I did every talent show in school, and even attempted "Hollywood" after graduation. Then I got married/divorced had children and things slowed down drastically

KSY:How is the music scene in Las Vegas?

MR:The music scene in Las Vegas is very vast. There are a lot of opportunities for entertaining but it still is about WHO you know rather than how talented you are and the gigs don't pay very well. Nonetheless, I'd still like a piece of it. Ideally, I'd like to be a recording artist but I can still do lounges and smaller venues. Heck, I will do it all!


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